Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Noni -- Just Pockets --

Had a lil' time after droppin' off the last of "my tribe".... and wandered on over to the LYS! It was only a little hike---hee hee.... a town or two over from my initial destination..... wooo hoooo!

After fondling many skeins, and contemplating a project to dive into..... My eyes were set on some booklet that had a cute tank top... but then the meiser within me kicked in and after calculating the costs of the yarn... 7.50 each times the SIX that I needed!! CHA CHING CHA CHING..... ~~~~I opted for the NONI BAG choice! heeeeeeeeeee! ~~~~~~~

The just pockets pamphlet caught my attention as it states it is intended for beginners....... so......... I grabbed it.... Now -as I look and ponder.... uh, I dont really think that I get it... that I can envision the part where one has to CO and increase rows to the inside of the bag? Uh, might as well have put that sentence in FRENCH or whatnot..... cuz-- Yep, wack-a-do over here! --- doesn't seem to understand what the designer is implying? But I imagine once I get going? Then it will fall into place?

Plus the project is done with double strand? hmmm... i guess i shall make another ball of yarn from the one suggested skein that I purchased of each color? duh, right? There are times when I can feel like such a bone head! Yep, this is one of them....

Unfortunately for me.... my memory did NOT serve me correctly..... and I do NOT have the needles to start up this project! DRAT! I guess I will have to head out at another point and grab them. The never ending, well actually--- the never-getting-off-the-ground project--- has sorta kinda begun? Hmmm....

I did pick out the SAME color as the brochure selected for the JUST STRIPES bag: Goldenrod (7827) and Tangerine heather (94444)... yippppy skippy!


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