Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let's go to the FAIR!

How many people are entering fairs this year? I have YET to ever do such a thing. When I was on Crochetville, that was quite the buzz. People were quite frequently showing their ribbons earned etc. So.. I am toying with the idea. Who knows!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sept. 5k..........

I am also entertaining the thought of actually registering for a 5k... I hesitated before typing RACE and opted for 5k instead. My running goal would be to FINISH! Not quite worried about times. However, I did mention this event to my oldest ds.... and he was all into the idea.... especially adamant about professing that he will run me into ground! I shall eat his dust, I think was pretty close. Hahah! What a riot! I was more looking for someone to RUN WITH ME! ahahhah!


Speaking of running and athleticism.... and whatnot... My youngest dd... yes, the dancer girl.... I recently pointed her in the direction of Sparkteen.com.... yes... It is similar to sparkpeople.com... and NO -- she is not utilizing it to drop weight, rather to get educated on food as fuel! She stumbled upon an article that emphasized the importance of teen athletes to have 3,000 calories a day. So... we are trying to track her nutrition, but things get in the way and we have not got even a straight day of tracking in! Plus I think we both suffer from food amnesia! ahhaha! But my fear is that Atheletic triad thing..... where the children are so into their sports etc... that they are not consuming enough calories to keep up with the amount that they are so rapidly burning off!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summer Kal-Cal ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Summer Kal Cal is quiet.... I cant tell if it is the second blog that is more quiet than the first? Who knows! But, I am hoping that this is because the participants are all crazy busy in knitting - crochetting up awesome projects. I can't wait to view even more of the projects!


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