Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Barn Raising Quilt! ---

oky doky got me a project to bring along on my trip.... I have heard this quilt mentioned many times... and finally decided to go ahead and go for it! Although I think I MIGHT be changin up the edging on the squares because of the way it tends to curl... NOT quite committed to that idea though.... who knows!

But it shall be a great way to use up the extras of sock yarn that I got kicking around the homestead!

How many squares do I have? uh, not even one-- hee hee.. Just working on that now... and although I make wonderful stitch markers... I am using little rubber elastics for stitch markers! yep...

~~~FROGGER city over here! ~~~~~~~~~~~

Already frogged the first attempt at this! Yep... got carried away in the pattern and started to combine the pattern of rows together... in that... I was yo and knitting... and hooopla... all on the same row..... well.. I cant actually go into detail.. cuz it is NOT a free pattern... but yes, all you need to know is that I jumbled it up... and now I have begun again! Day ONE and NOT even ONE square!


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