Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Creative Knitting: JULY 2008

Grabbed a hold of this magazine that is chocked full of knitting goodness...... If you are NOT familiar with the magazine... it is geared toward EASY KNITTING FOR EVERYONE... but the patterns are NOT brainless..... There is quite an assortment of patterns.... AND A SPA washcloth .... yep, another spa thing to tackle..... hee hee... and not sc! hahahhha! I have to admit, I did make one failed attempt at this pattern -while sunning on the beach... and I had to frog it because I inadvertantly lost a stitch somewhere, somehow! But yesterday I decided to make another go at it... and wooo - lah... I got through my first set of the pattern without missing a beat! I left the darn thing at the BEACH CLUB.... so I am jone-sing to go there and complete this beauty...

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