Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Challenging yet satisfying!

Ok, this is one wash cloth, spa cloth... that you really dont want to pass up! I am not lying here... No- I am not employed by CREATIVE KNITTING... nor related to the designer of the Summertime SPa Cloth on pg. 63... But you have my word-when i say it's fabulous! Actually once you get the pattern down, it can go rather quickly! I ran over to the beach club today to pick up my nearly completed cloth.... and as you can see from the picture... I was able to finish it! It is a great project for those times when you are not nec. looking to knit up a large project.... but ya still are aching for something that will utilize your brain!

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Rae Byuel said...

its a neat pattern...if your looking for others, check out!