Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yes, I did infact do the fizzly-arama in the washcloth endeavor... but what did I expect? To make a gazillion washcloths and assemble up some groovy little coordinating set to entice new customers on over to my AVON? hmmm...well, actually yeah! But -- that didn't quite happen. Got TWO done... and one found a new home with a friend.... ha hahah!! The other has made its way to the laundry bin of my home.... It is an excellent pattern... and I had good intentions, but the boredom factor took a hold of me real quick! Come on... can anyone sit and knit a gazillion wash cloths? Anyone?

Why is it that I feel compelled to either GIVE AWAY my F.O's or to calculate how to sell them? No longer do I hunt for the perfect project to knit for MYSELF... to knit for the pure pleasure of knitting... hmmm.... do I even like the F.O.? What is the deal with that? It is beginning to sound all too familiar... as with my infamous process-Crochet work! yep, the process people! What's up with that?

Don't i want a cloak? A scarf? hee heee... Some precious yarny scrappage thing to wrestle across my chest? heeeeeeeeee! I wouldn't mind a sweater... but who wants to knit a sweater in the heat? I sure do have enough stitch markers to utilize though!

~~~AHAHAHAH there goes yet another adventure

The stitch marker scene... such fun.. such a thrill to toy with the idea of selling them.... hee hee... But I have yet to open up an Etsy shop... I should, I really should... or perhaps venture into a craft fair deal... hmmm... set up a table... Wonder how that works? Got to grab a tax id number and such, I imagine. hmmm... All these thoughts! I eventually need to TAKE ACTION!!!

I certainly have done such in my AVON adventure... Been stamping brochures, baggin them up, and hitting a multitude of houses in our city/town. Have I rec'd any calls for orders from this canvassing... well, NO. hahaha! BUT, I am NOT giving up. I will persevere! Got more brochures to go out AGAIN. I will keep at it! The good thing is the erep site provides an opportunity to serve customers 24/7! Plus the customer can select direct delivery, --which means I can service ANYONE from ANY STATE! wooo hooo! Loving that!
I am sure that it will all work out! I just have to keep at it! Wish me luck!

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