Saturday, July 05, 2008


Well even though it is hotter than hot in my neck of the woods.... there's a cool breeze going on at Crochetlocket's ... Yep, that Cool BREEZE happens to be in the form of -ONE knitted sock.- ONE completed sock to the soon-to-be-pair.... got to get in gear and cast on the next sock -- just after I catch some much needed zzzzz's!!!!!!! There is an erratta for this sock... but it is NOT with the heel turning... it happens to do with the toe area for all sizes.

I think the size medium is a tad bit bigger than I prefer! But that's the way it goes. It'll all work out in the wash, hee hee. Maybe it will shrink up? Who knows! No sense worrying about it now!

~~~~~50% done with the HEEL of the second sock! Cranking it out.... and I must say --this heel part is going much quicker as I am used to the expectations of the pattern...... kinda predictable enough to figure out where you are in the repeat! yahooooo-eee.... So.... If you are intimidated by this pattern, as I was -- I say go ahead and take the plunge! I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a BREEZE, the first time around, BUT it is not that too overly complicated. PLUS the pattern has a chart AND written out directions! You really can't go wrong! Give it a whirl.... a breezy whirl! heeeeeeeeeeee! Go KNIT it!

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Wooo hoooo!! Go on crocheting :)