Friday, July 04, 2008

Carry-on, my friend....

Some of you know that there's a dancer in my tribe.... and this darlin' dancer has to perform outta state... So... Crochetlocket is packing up dd and herself to head on out.... -OUR FIRST OFFICIAL FLIGHT!!- whoa! To top it all of this off, we have to fit all of dd's costumes (PLUS extra costumes cuz she is filling in for others who cannot attend) .. into two teeny-tiny carry-on bags!


So... I have been vac'ing space bags full of them... and shoving them into unrealistic sized bags...grrrr... can you say: wrinkled mess? yep.... that's what they shall be upon arrival! Oh well!!! Plus --- if the CHECKED LUGGAGE should decide to take a different route and turn up --- uh, lost --- gasp ---- I WILL be wearing the costumes! hee hee..... Yep, I am a tad bit of a worrier... can ya tell?


Hence the reason why I am here bloggin.. taking a well-deserved break... and intermittently knitting away on the BREEZE sock... making an error -here and there- BUT nothing that can't be tinked out and re-knitted (which I have become quite skilled at doin for this pattern!).... Now the question remains... will I be DONE with the BREEZE sock as a PAIR....? Or will this be my take-along project? Who knows! I am not even quite sure IF I will bring a project with me.... or maybe I will resort to dish/wash cloths? Hmmm.... Something to think about for sure!

Hope you are having a HAPPY FOURTH of JULY..... !

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