Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!!
----buh bye Nashville---

Finally back in the swing of things over here! Got everything all unpacked~ and things are somewhat back to normal around my neck of the woods. Break time from the dance scene and crazy - busy - schedule thang....

Brought along the tofutsie yarn.... and Breeze pattern...... Got quite far on ONE sock --during the flight-- and the competition was less than ideal for knitting, due to poor lighting... however I made do for quite some time.... got to the gusset.... etc.... and was working on the first repeat of the instep, etc... AND then WHAM!!! Messed up BIG TIME!! Tried to tink back.. and finally said -- you know what?? FORGET THIS! I frogged it because I was NOT liking the way the color threatened to hide the precious breeezey patterny goodnesss!!!! so.... gone! frogged... ripppidy rip rip rip! outta there!

It served it's purpose!

The process of knitting helped me to cope with the flight!

Now it's time to find yet another pattern to engage my summer free time! Something that will hold my interest!

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