Monday, June 09, 2008


Ok, is it just me? Or is the heel wacky on that sock? It is me, right? I knit, rip, knit rip... and the turning of the heel just doesnt seem to make sense.... It winds up unevenly decreasing??? I have to wonder if there is some sorta error in the pattern? I am sooo frustrated!!! At first glance, I thought... hmmph that looks different from what I am used to... but I figured let me just give it a whirl.... so..... on I go..... with the pattern and as I suspected it got wacky.... I blamed it on my distraction level... managed to frog it..... and tried again.... but found that it still was not quite right? THIS IS NOT MY FIRST SOCK, NOT MY FIRST HEEL TURN! So, what's the deal here?????? ARGH!!!! It certainly isn't a breeeeze for me... breathe Crochetlocket!!! Knitting is SUPPOSED to be relaxing.... right?????

Well, it doesn't help any that my middle d is hollaring and starting up with her evening antics! Let see, it's the I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM game... any parents familiar with this??? grrrrrr.... Since this is a child with mental impairments, think of the "game" on the ~expert level~, if you will... highly challenging, and highly exasperating... There is obviously some nervous tension being released for the end-of-the-school-year-jitters must have her going absolutely wonky! It's madness, I say! Sheer madness!!!!!! She's positively wacky! I can joke as I write, but it certainly is NOT fun dealing with this looney toon-ness! It's toddler tantrums and pure bullying (and I am NOT referring to MY behavior!)... but my long term goal is for her to mature into a responsible adult... (uh, all parents want that! I know!! )... so... I must dig my heels in the ground and insist on winning this battle--- in order to win the war! Sleep is IMPORTANT! (Duh!) and this recent backsliding must be thwarted!!!

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