Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Breeze detective work:

Ok..... I contacted some fellow ravelry members, who had finished the breeze, and these people had NO problem with the heel.... followed the directions as stated in the pattern.... So.... I repent! ahhaha! Sorry for implying that there was a problem... herein the problem lies with ME! I am not quite sure what I did wrong! I will tackle it again at some point, but for now-I think I shall go back to the Tabi Sock... the mateless sock... single sockarama.... going to have to crack down and get 'er done! THEN... I shall have the right frame of mind to move onward to the next adventure.

The longest suspension ever---- is beginning to wreak havoc on my nerves... My house is getting sparkly clean, wooo hooo! BUT, I am forever locked within the confines of my home..... as if I am punishing myself in the same respect! gimme a break! One site that has been helpful is ---- I have been a part of that website on and off again... At the present time, I am on my "off" period.. BUT there are detailed cleaning lists, etc... that I am scanning through to help find even more places to scrub! I must give a shout out to my childhood friend's dad... who used to have the neighborhood children use QTIPs to wax the louvers on his mazda rx7! Thanks! hahaha... and that wasn't even a consequence... that was supposed to be a good deed... or whatever.... (Interesting twist: the boys would get PAID for their work, and the girls would NOT!... I didnt find this out until recently! hahaha).... Anyhow.....

.... I did actually get out and about with oldest son.... in the HOT HOT weather.... we canvassed new areas and put out a multitude of brochures! I am hoping to gain a customer or two. A girl can dream! Our district manager sent an informative email which contained the sales to date of the top sellers, etc. Well... would you believe.... one woman's totals are exceeding $13,000. in sales! Whoa!!!!!! That is incredible! I guess she and her hubby do this full-time and have been involved with AVON for 17 years! Wow!

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