Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sometimes our children can disappoint us in the choices that they make and this is one of those times, for Crochetlocket! My middle son has been suspended for NINE days... yes, the glorious nine days of my remaining freedom from my tribe! Grrrr! Once he goes back to school, my youngest is OUT for the summer.... so no rest for the weary!

It is rather disheartening because it was over a foolish, impulsive incident. Fortunately NO ONE was injured, but the potential was there. The school principal had to act according to school policy. Now I am cracking the whip, and assigning chores left and right! My goal is to make this the most uncomfortable time possible for the child.... because quite frankly nine days off from school is NOT a punishment-in my book! It's more like a vacation! So... to avoid any temptation for this to be repeated, I shall strive to make this memorable. Chores, chores, and more chores.....Geesh! There goes my last week and a half of relaxing, etc.... but on the bright side... I shall have a clean and shiny abode! wooo hooo!!! Ahhh the pleasures of having a little clean machine of my very own! heeeeeeeee!

Lesson learned....... do NOT -- under any circumstance--- try to trip anyone in the hallways of the school.... especially when there is a TEACHER present..... uh, and you might actually wind up tripping another teacher........ ok, you get the picture!
enuff said!

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1to1 said...

Nine days....pretty stiff punishment. Yep, I'd have a clean house, mowed yard, clean cars, plus whatever else I didn't feel like doing myself! ;)