Thursday, June 05, 2008

Does this look like a Tabi Sock to you?

Hmmm.. maybe NOT! But, I had to take a wee break from the sock scene...... it was getting ugly! So.... what to do? The Lacey Butterfly Dishcloth!! Well, aside from the many, many stitch markers that I have been having a blast creating! The Tabi sock has been placed upon the back burner for the time being.. One never knows when I shall pick that up again, hopefully soon!

I bow to the Stitch Marker goddesses who are able to do the looping of the wire so eloquently! They look like they would be sooo easy to whip together. But they do take some time to master the technique of wrapping the wire ,etc... so... hats off to you all! heeeeeee... I shall share my pictures of the finished markers very soon! Cant wait for you to see them!!! Even my OLDEST son was impressed with the finished products... Now that is an accomplishment in itself! to get the number 1-- (birthorder reference only)-- son stamp of approval! way to go!

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