Thursday, June 12, 2008

PURL -IT, uh backwards? yikes!

Well, well, well, Crochetlocket has yet another humbling moment... in my short lived experience of knitting... geesh! I hate to admit it, BUT I have been PURLING my stitches WRONG!!! How did I draw this conclusion? Well, i was teaching my girl to knit... and then telling her the rhyme and I thought...hmmm.. Let me go to to see if I am saying the " jumps jack" rhyme correctly. As I venture to the video section and merrily watch the demonstration combined with the pleasant rhyme, I suddenly see during that little video stream... that they happen to show a PURL STITCH --IN ACTION---... and I was like... uh, hold up! I did a literal double take!! Cuz' wait one minute! let me see that again? Yep, I WAS doin it WRONG all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humbled in the moment, I decided to play the PURL VIDEO. My handy stitch work is sorta kinda backwards.. wrapping the yarn the wrong way .... under the needle in front-- maybe it could be considered clockwise? .. rather than to the back over-ish..... hard to explain.. BUT either way... explanation wonky or not.... I admit it, I was doing it wrong! But I can rely heavily on my earlier disclosures that I am a crochetter who knits! yikes! I immediately went over to the swatch we were working on and cranked out a few of these new-to-me stitches! You learn something new each day right? Well for me, it was back to the basics....

I seem to recall having done just about the same thing when I revisited crochet many moons ago..... I was only having the hook enter the stitch under ONE of the loops rather than both loops! Live and learn! right?

All these mistakes shouldn't stop me!
Oh, and the end result, my dd did a fine job of learning the basic knit stitch... I had her do the cable cast on? I think that is what ya call it, of course - now I will be second guessing myself for a bit! But by doing that type of cast on, she basically is already performing the knit stitch.. sorta/kinda.....

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