Monday, January 07, 2008

PATTERN for Yellow Ribbon Hat:

Caron Simply Soft yarn... in Worsted Weight (not baby yarn)
soft yellow color.
size 7 needles dpns, and 16" circular in same size.

co72 loosely.
continue until measures 4 1/2" w/out unrolling brim...
then begin decrease rows:
*k6, k2tog,* repeat.
*k5, k2tog,* repeat.
*K4, k2tog,* repeat.
*K3, K2tog,* repeat.
*k2, k2tog,* repeat.
*K1, k2tog,* repeat.
*k2tog* repeat.
until 9 stitches remain on 3 needles, then shift stitches to two needles: 5 on one, 4 on the other... work til 3 1/2" .. Bind off.. Tie "stem" into a knot.

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Barb in Irving said...

Are you still doing this? I donate baby knitted items to the USO in Dallas Ft. Worth Airport. My friend volunteers there and they have a 'gifts' box that the troups can choose items from while they are waiting to catch their flight to the war. The USO will send them to their families. They also let the Dads tape themselves reading a child's story and include the tape. We heard back from one Mom who received a package and her husband was killed. The tape will be nice when his baby is older. Let me know and you can mail the caps to me and I will take them to the USO for the soldiers if you haven't found a source yet.
Barb Johnson