Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yellow "Ribbon" hats:
Ok... I've got an idea... I stumbled upon a rolled brim baby hat pattern... and I basically knitted it with YELLOW CARON SIMPLY SOFT yarn..... and knotted the top...This reminded me of those Yellow Ribbons for the troops.... Then I got to thinking....hmmm... this would be a nice gift for the babies of our troops!
So.... I am going to make some flyers and ask for assistance in making these little gems.... and then gift them to the families of our troops....
Here's a little poem--which my sister created for the flyer--:

We're making these hats
to remind us that:
Our Troops need our LOVE
and protection from above.

Guide them safely
whereever they may roam
and we look forward to
the day they come HOME.

So...... that's my brainstorming..... What do you think? Kind of like a prayer shawl ministry; however this focuses on the babies of the soldiers.... and the families that are here awaiting their safe return... Well, I got ONE done... hmmmm... only about a couple hundred more need to be done to start off! ahahahah!!!!! I dont know, i just wanted to do something meaningful.... who knows!

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