Monday, May 19, 2008



I am soo excited.. It's been way tooo long since I have blogged. Geesh! Been hanging around Raverly mostly! But was I ever surprised when I stumbled upon Marly's blog that announced me as a winner of her shiny, sparkly, precious STITCH MARKERS! woooo hooo!! THANKS!!!!!!

I have been knitting away lately! Got me some loverly Embossed leaves from the interweave sock book! I borrowed the book from the library! Yeah!

the only thing that I REGRET (well, aside from NOT purchasing this book to be in my library!!)... I regret NOT having used a solid color to reflect the fine detail of the pattern... I was doing this squinty type of quick-turning head look to see what these socks would look like to the unsuspecting bystander.. and uh, upon a quickie sneak peak... it looks like a blast of mish-mosh color and some, gasp, HOLES!!! eeeek!! But IF it was a SOLID color --- I am more than sure that the radiant pattern would have shown through -- without a doubt! DRAT! Live and learn...... I do have some ocean wind knit merino? something like that in a solid pink... however I wonder about the needle size, etc.. cuz I am not overly great with checking gauge-arama. yeps... i admit that... i repent!

So...... aside from the sock fest of loverly sock knitting.. I did make a FAILED Attempt at soCk WarS.. those warriors are BRUTAL! ahahahahhahaaha! I caved almost immediately because I am a pattern, rule follower type person.. No swaying,etc... And there was soo much controversary about whether the pattern was a 9 or 8 stitch... etc.. No actual clarification, so the entire time, I felt as if I was doing it wrong.. I hate that "not-knowing" feeling, so then I figured... I would NOT want to be figuring out how someone else did his/her socks if I had to actually finished them.. so I actually committed sock-icide ... I advised the person who was targtting me.... I have left "the war"... Crochetlocket has left the building and has not returned since... I wonder how everyone is doing? I wish you all the best.. heeeeeeeee. I see a gazillion of the detonator socks being posted on Raverly.. so it looks like it is going strong.

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