Thursday, October 12, 2006

Incredible puppy!!!
Nine months old as of October 10th....She sleeps out of her crate at night...without incident. She can pretty much be trusted...(within reason)...when left alone. She is a doll; however she is becoming weary of me cutting her nails as she eats her meals. I have done this since the day I brought her home and now she is starting to notice it. No growling, just hesitating to eat when I begin the process.
Either way, she'll be a tough one to part with, but I have to stay focused on the goal at hand! She's got a "job" to do and there is someone who truly needs her to be a part of his/her life! I "just" want her!! I set myself up for I must suck-it-up and keep plugging away! After this one, I think I am done.....notice the "think" inserted into that sentence!! Hahaha!!! Time will tell!!! Oh boy, throwing cliches in here....look out!!

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve others and I hope that I am always afforded with such opportunities!


Linda/Pineknott said...

Oh wow,how much that dog has grown!she sure is a beautiful dog,you do great work with her.

Sahmlock said...