Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumn Reveal Package:
My secret pal: JObean....Thanks soooo much. Wish this was smell-a-vision because the scents from this package are captivating. There are wonderful handmade tarts, and soaps. Lucious apple cinnamon potpourri....DELICIOUS york peppermint patties..(hmmmmm..not in the pic, where are they!! heeeheeeee..hidden in my secret stash, of course!!)....The homespun yarn is going to be an awesome shrug that I learned how to do earlier in this swap. I sent a completed one off to my secret pal. Cookies,I will be a nice mommy and share them!....a beautiful tart warmer, pretty ~pink~ poofie, magnetic notepad for my fridge, one year planner, a thoughtful hand-written note.....oh that beautiful potholder/trivet tucked under the goodies in the picture is GREAT! It is DOUBLE THICKNESS...yet I cant seem to see where it is seamed together....This is quite a skilled=crochet=pal...she is amazing with her handicrafts...I am thankful for such kindness. I appreciate your labor and gift of time that you put into making this swap most enjoyable. Thanks again Josephine with my utmost sincerity.

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Cristina said...

Hi, I too am a 30+yo mum and I'm a crochet addict also. I've one 3yo daughter and God is about to bless me with more. Great blog ! Sincerely, Cristina