Tuesday, July 11, 2006

West Hartford Walks:
Foster pup is Six Months Old and she has just walked her first "west hartford walk." This is another evaluation walk and the emphasis is mostly on interaction with environment. The triggers being dogs, people, and traffic. Ultimately she withstood the pressures of the people and traffic, yet the other dogs caused her a slight bit of discomfort and she expressed this through raising her hackles. All in all, she didn't do too bad. She was easily redirected and the evaluator declared that she was quite easy to "read". She has received the green light for indoor work, within reason, and for the open west hartford walks. The open walks are group walks around town. Honestly, I never participated in one before....even though this is the second dog. I have to make it a point to attend with this pup because I think that is where I failed my first pup. The issue with other dogs could quite possibly stem to my own "backyard". The other dog owners in the neighborhood are not adamant about getting their dogs on leashes! To walk to our center of town we have two choices: a road that is close to heavy traffic OR a road that has DOGS OFF OF THEIR LEASHES!!!!!! These dogs charge at anyone walking by, and I have resigned to using the heavy traffic route instead. Hopefully I can get some time in with her observing other dogs at a safe distance and increase her tolerance BEFORE the next W.Hartford Walk. I guess we'll have to keep our paws crossed!!

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