Monday, July 10, 2006

Weight Watchers Woes:
My weight watcher leader is beginning to urk me. It began when she was trying to reassure us taht we would never have to be concerned about becoming too thin on program, as she professed that NONE of her members would ever have to worry about becoming anorexic. Yet, in the next breath, she asked for any successes...I offered up my weight loss and she bashed me in front of all the members by chiding me with the "fact" that I am NOT supposed to be losing now. But then I got her "half-hearted" public blessing (?) or warning: "as long as you dont go under the minimum amount"/
Some time has passed since then, and I did not attend the last meeting because we were on vacation. Well, I plop myself on the scale this morning and confess my sins in regards to not exactly watching everything that went into my mouth...but I did mention that I made healthier choices, got plenty of activity in, and allowed myself some extra's here and there.
Ok, here it comes...MY LASHING! I lost three pounds, how dare I do that!!!!!!! She appeared to be exasperated as she exclaimed: "YOU'RE LOSING A LOT OF WEIGHT!!!" I was surprised and almost ashamed because of her reaction. My response was rather sarcastic in nature, as I gave her the thumbs up and told her "Way to encourage! Looks like I will have to go out and eat a couple sundaes after this..." and she replies with ... well, that's the problem right there. She continued by questioning why my goal weight is so high and I didnt even want to answer her. But I basically told her I do have a body image problem..which is true.
Here's the bottom line, which I didnt bother to explain to her because I didnt feel she deserved to know! I don't particularly view myself as "thin" and I know that setting my goal higher takes the pressure off for me. I dont have to stress out too much and I can relax as I find a weight that suits me. It "allows" me to accept the fact that I am NOT overweight and I dont have to beat myself up for weighing higher than the personal goal etched in my mind. It's hard to explain, but in essence this faux weight goal relieves the pressure and negativity that ultimately wreak havoc on my success. I can breathe easy knowing that I did it and not be continually concerned about whether I jumped up two pounds on the scale. The body normally fluctuates between 2-3 pounds so why would I set myself up for failure by NOT putting a bigger buffer between my weight watcher goal and my personal goal? Honestly I am not going to go into maintenance mode as soon as I reach the ww goal because I would be guaranteed to gain and pay... PLUS MORE IMPORTANTLY...I would be beating myself up for something that naturally occurs in the body anyway! I want to leave room for a "cushion" while I learn to tweak my weekly allowance. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? I have done this before....and the other location I went to....the receptionists would actually ask me what my personal goal was..etc.

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vicki said...

i would complain to weight watchers , not sure who is above your leader but am sure there is someone. when i was in weight watchers, we only encouraged and never put someone down for losing more than their weight goal, girl i say rock on, you feel good? you look good? then what is her problem, hehehe maybe she is jealous. but seriously tricia i would majorly complain to corporute about this woman, where does she thing she was given this right to bash you and especialy in front of others. girl i am PROUD of you. keep up the good work huggggs