Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sad to see the swap end...
Well, I am truly sad to see the summer swap end...I have had such a blast spoiling my known secret pal...and her thankfulness motivated me to continue!
This last package APPEARS small, but I did put a store card in the mix...this way she can pick out things that she truly wants. Honestly, it seemed almost a waste to spend all that money on shipping...when she could be using it for something!!!! I enjoyed sending her things though!!! It's been a lot of fun!!!
I also was very pleased with the thoughtfulness of my unknown....did I mention that tricky unknown pal of mine is STILL UNKNOWN!!!!!.......I have received above and beyond my expectations and I am extremely grateful for the time and consideration that she has extended to me!!! Thanks UNKNOWN secret pal...WHO ARE YOU????? hee hee!!!!
I am making a guess that it might be a pal that I had in the kitchen/bath swap...but I could be way off base!
Speaking of the kitchen/bath swap...ahem, I still have not rec'd my package. Sniff sniff, no nothing stinks around here, that is just me crying! hahaha!! No, seriously, I am fine!! hee hee. My partner got in a little over her head and is making up something for me and I appreciate all the effort she is extending into this swap. Hey, I might appear to be complaining, kitchen/bath swap is never-ending. hee hee....I will be totally surprised when it arrives and it will be like finding a present hidden way in back of the Christmas tree...just when you thought you unwrapped 'em all!! Poof another one shows up. will be fun. Thanks to my kitchen/bath partner, Flybabytina, in advance.
I joined yet ANOTHER SWAP.....oh, all this swap talk and I didnt even mention the fun I had in the bookmark swap!! woooo hooo! That was great, thanks Group 2 participants!! I got awesome bookmarks!
Ok, having said that...I filled out the survey tonight for the doily swap. I am not quite sure if I made the cut. I signed up for 8" doilies and then went to check the pattern book and noticed the patterns are for LARGER! Oops. Guess I have to get shopping for another pattern book!! Perhaps I will wait and see if I made it in!

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