Saturday, July 15, 2006

My reveal package...thanks Mythunderbird:aka Vicki!!!!!! The hawaiin ginger bath set is fabulous. The scent mixes nice with the Fendi perfume that I wear. Boy, I smell good!!!!! That loofah and scrubbie will come in handy. The shawl is great...I wish you all could touch the yarn!!! It has a wonderful texture to it...there is a velour feeling to the material...It's deceiving because on first glance, one would think it was a ribbon type shawl...but the yarn has much more depth to it. The macaroon yarn, LOVE IT. I gifted some to my pal...and I am so glad to have some of my own! The doily is so pretty!!! I am being interuppted sooo many times as I write this, by my dd who insists on throwing a tantrum every five I am sorry if I missed something in this description.

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vicki said...

tricia, i am so happy you liked everything. i thought maybe being a mom you might enjoy some pampering of your own. i love that smell of the hawaiian ginger and i was so hoping you would too. hehe. i love that yarn i made your shawl with. did not know if you wanted it fringed so i sent you enough yarn to do it if ya wanted. just could not make up my mind lol the shawl and doily are my own design and i am so happy you lie them, i am blessed to have gotten to spoil you. and you know whats funny, i had you, you had shella and shella had me as our sp how cool is that lol. take care my friend and again am thrilled you like what i sent you. god bless and huggggs