Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Seraphina:
This one is for my sister. She gifted some Patons Canada Purple yarn...along with a bunch of other colors...and I decided to whip up a shawl for her. Well, swap after swap kind of "got in the way" I finally took this shawl out of hiding and finished it up. It has even been poolside while vacationing in Lancaster, PA. I am glad that it is done. It was made with an N hook, and it does have some areas that dont quite lay flat..but yet, our bodies are not quite flat either...(as someone on the 'ville recently said) I dont think that this will affect the manner in which it drapes. Now I am "in-between" projects and I just dont know what to start next....The doily is coming up, but I dont have the preferences for my partner as of yet. I just got the Tahki STacy Crochet booklet in the mail...but I really wanted the upscale yarns for those projects. Hmmmmm...guess I will have to make some bun covers while I decide.

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vicki said...

gosh tricia that shawl is just awesome, i bet your sister loves you alot for spoiling her. i too spoil my baby sis and she lets me know how much she loves me. which is of course a added bonus lol its just beautiful girl, you do awesome work