Saturday, June 10, 2006

NO and that is my FINAL ANSWER:
The guide dog that lacks guidance will NOT be returning to our home. It was a tough decision, but one that had to be made with consideration to the safety of our children. All I could think about was the awful scenario of two dogs getting into an altercation and one of the children trying to break them apart...and inadvertantly getting bit. So, that's it....Done Deal. The first one is history and now I keep re-evaluating what I am doing here. I spent 19 months fostering that dog, classes, specialty treats and food, special rules, toting her everywhere: church, fairs, etc and LOVING her! All for naught? Well seems like it, a lot of time and money invested with the intent to change someone's life forever. Ok, I am going overboard here and she can still impact someone's life! She is a GREAT dog for the persoon with NO other pets! She will be a valuable family member and she will NOT have to work throughout her precious doggy years. So, maybe she didnt get such a raw deal! Who knows! I was just anticipating that call to view her with her harness and do her final walk through.

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