Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Guide Dog Drop-out:
Our FIRST foster dog got dropped from the college program. I got the call today. She is exhibiting some aggressive behaviors toward other dogs on the street. The trainers believe this behavior to be fear based and obviously it would be a hazardous characteristic for a guide dog. In a traditional setting, as a pet, she would be ok. BIG QUESTION: Do we want her back? There has already been a call placed to the Search and Rescue contact person that the company deals with on a regular basis, but the person was not overly interested because he already has a dog similiar in age and this closeness might present a problem for him. I am hesitant to take her back because my goal upon joining this organization was to reach out to the community and serve others...not to hoard and/or acquire more pets. A part of me wants to take her back, but I only have a small home and I am concerned for the two dogs that I have...all females. She was pretty rough on my mini, during the playtimes and I have to wonder how this will all play out as the dogs age. My gut says no, and my heart says yes. Tough call. Guess there is a lot more involved in this "simple" task of puppy raising.

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