Friday, May 26, 2006


I am overwhelmed. I really was NOT thinking that I would be blessed with such a magnitude of treasures! The secret pal assigned to me sent me this incredible box of goodies!!!!!! I have NEVER been so spoiled in my life, seriously!!! I am completely overjoyed! Thanks soooooo much to my sp!!!! ;o)

So, I went out shopping, to PAY IT the secret pal that I have been assigned to spoil. I know she will be thrilled!

Here's an interesting side note...there were patterns included in my box of goodies....and I don't know if my secret pal realizes...I HAVE NEVER SEEN THESE and I was soooooo thrilled because recently I was posting on the 'ville that I am getting tired of all the same books and patterns...and I needed something new. Well,,,,,,I am "cured". (giggle). Thanks again, did I already say that? "Thanks", it just doesn't seem like enough!!!!!!! If I could, I would give you a big hug!!

Aside from this pure elation, I have some pics of the sweater I am testing:

Call me crazy, but I think that the pattern is kind of going funky on me...It is seeming to go on an angle. I frogged my first attempt, when I realized that I was not reading the pattern correctly...Yet another solid reason NOT to start a pattern at such late hours in the evening. Well, fresh and ready this morning...I began again. It is a beautiful look, the combination of stitches is rather unique and quite pleasing to the eye. If I finagle (sp?) it I can get the rectangle to appear straight and not slanted. Who knows, maybe that is what it needs...a little tug here and there? I will keep on stitching and try to do far less b..ching. hahaha. I am not complaining at all, actually quite the opposite. I really don't want to let the creator of this sweater down...therefore I am being overly cautious! Oh well, enough of this! Time to rest up, so I can tackle my projects again in the morning.

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