Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Need a project fix...
All these swaps were aiding me in the "I need something to do" department, until recently. I have knocked out all four of the bookmarks and it has not even officially started.
The kitchen/bath swap..I already did it and I am still making dishcloths! Dont ask! Plus this secret swap...already sent out some stuff...and I got plenty more all set to go......But, yet...I got a HUGE bag of yarn from my mom this weekend and I dont know what to make with it.
I have to get to the store to buy yarn for a test project. I am already thinking about Christmas...and contemplating crochetting gifts for family and close friends this year. How corny will that be? I have NEVER done something like that...well aside from the half dozen scarves that I did last year! But those don't really count, do they? hee hee...The school year is almost complete for all these little offspring of mine, so I best get in gear and get organized as to what projects I will be devoting my time to.

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