Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I am two pounds over my goal weight and I am excited!
It's been very busy in my household. The aftermath of school vacation has left its mark on my homestead and I struggle each day to get things in order. The children are all suffering from spring fever and the anticipation for summer vacation is already creating havoc! I finished the little green capelet...and it is tossed on my dd's floor! Yep, on the floor somewhere! Needless to say, the room is a disaster! All my efforts seem wasted, yet another mommy specialty that won't be worn.
I have started on a capelet for myself, and it is almost mother like daughter...I dont think I will wear this thing! It looked so nice in the book! I made a size medium, but it just doesn't look quite right for someone like myself...I guess I am too voluptuous for such a dainty little capelet. Oh well, they always look better on the models in the pictures!

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Shionge said...

Congrats on losing those pounds - keep it up! Read your blog and it amazes me on your time and energy at home yet find time to crochet :P