Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Diet Book" connoisseur:
That's me. There's nothing like a good book! I actually have acquired quite a collection of these diet books....from low carb to low fat.....Mixed messages galore. It's a wonder I put anything in my mouth, after all the do's and don'ts I have read! Let's see, initally Richard Simmons was my "friend" or maybe it was Susan Powter? I think that was her name. I even got friendly with Oprah's friend...Bob Greene, he was cool...At first, he just wanted me to drink more water and do nothing else. Heck, that was cake (uh, sorry). There was even a 3 hour plan, wooooo!!! I thought that you could sit and eat for three hours, and then I read the book. Get out the watch and set the alarm for every three hour interval you have to be putting something in your mouth! That was fantastic, but it wasn't an ideal weight loss plan for me! I eventually strayed and made friends with people who would tell me to NOT eat certain foods...For instance the Susanne Somers chic and her Somersize Plan was my way of eating for some time. This plan entailed the proper food combining and eating more whole foods; however I did get frustrated because I was eating a whole LOT of cheese. (Can you say GAS?) In addition, certain food groups became taboo, including potatoes and carrots! The minute you backslid and took a bite of some sugary-goodness, you were deceived into thinking that you BLEW IT and the entire cleansing process had to be started again. This plan made it nearly impossible to find a quick snack on the go! I even walked on The South Beach with good ol' Dr. A. He had me for a tiny bit because of the ability to have a handy snack of nuts, but I didn't last those first two weeks because I was NOT supposed to consume any fruit! That is why this CORE program seems to be working much better for me. I am basically FORCED to make healthy choices, yet with this way of eating I can "stray" from the plan and have that sugary stuff within reason and without guilt. (As long as I count it off from my weekly allowance...hmm..an allowance for a treat or two.....it's OK...it's ALLOWED! That's CORE!)

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