Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hideous Capelet FROGGED!
EW! Hideous- to hide if presented with the awful hand-crocheted capelet in size medium. YUCK! That thing was a mess! It just doesn't look the same as on that skinny, beautiful model in the book. So, now I am in search of another pattern to follow. I should just go on a whim and create something of my own accord!
JoAnn's and Walmart have been sporting some excellent prices on their leaflets! I have quite an ensemble of materials to select a lovely pattern from; however I still am at a loss as to what to make!
That Kitchen/Bathroom swap is quickly approaching. I have basically wished away this entire month in anticipation. I am so excited to have a "partner." My ds says to me in the store, Mom you have a partner? Hahhahah. Oh the implications of that statement these days, one must be very careful! Ha ha!

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