Thursday, April 27, 2006

A glutton for punishment
That's me! I started the S..S...SSeraphina again! This time I am working it with a nice purple patons yarn, acrylic. No boucle' stuff. I am using a size N hook. It is just the mere beginning stages, but it is coming along rather nicely!

The kitchen and bath swap assignments should be made public tomorrow. So exciting to get started! I am eager. Guess the Sera will have to be on hold for the month! Woooooo hooooo!

Made of stone...yep, what is that about? Well, honestly that is what you have to be made of when you take in troubled foster children, especially if there are any attachment issues within the child/ren. This has been really taking a toll on me lately. If anyone is under the misconception that all it takes to raise them, is to pour on the love...get ready for an eye opener and a heart breaker. These children are more than ready to stomp on your feelings and do whatever it takes to push you further and further away! Every day is a test and I intend to PASS!

Our Fidelco dog will get her last shot this weekend...and that means she will be able to HIT the STREETS all paws down! Woooo! I am looking forward to her strutting her stuff! She will have her first assessment in a "town-setting" to evaluate her ability to handle walking in the community.

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Anonymous said...

hi tricia, i so agree with you on how people feel about foster child/ren, these kids alot of times have been abused, assaulted you name it, its not all roses with them, it takes a special person to be a foster parent. you and your hubby are in my book. i know if the kids stay long enough you will turn them around. how many kids do you currently have?, well hope to chat soon. ttyl :)