Friday, April 28, 2006

Got me a partner for da kitchen/bath swap. Now I am trying to mosey my way back onto the 'ville site to see what her preferences are.....BUT THE SITE WENT DOWN! ACK! This is so mega exciting, it isn't even funny!

I have been browsing ACMoore, Michaels, and JOann's for ideas....It's almost as if it is the beginning of a race and instead of saying start your engines....the ringmaster declares.....GRAB YOUR HOOKS! (Ok, at least I didnt say grab your know, for the balls of yarn! eeek...I did say it).

Well, I got to depart early in the, I guess I will take one final looksie to see if I can get my partner's preferences. If you haven't done a swap yet, I urge you to get signed up for the next one! It's plain fun!

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