Thursday, July 25, 2013

Swatched but not quite sure...

Well,, as I sit here in the waiting room of my daughter's dance studio, I am knitting along on the hem of my squirrelly goodness. Granted it doesn't look like much at the present time. And my gauge was not spot on. Initial cast on with recommended needle proved that designer and I do not share same stitch tension. I was off by two stitches. I dropped down one needle size and now I am only off by one. But I couldn't see myself knitting this with a 3,, so I'm sticking with this.
However as I sit here, and after my girl looked suspiciously at my 40" cable that holds said sweater... I'm second-guessing my choice to go with a size medium! Do I rip out or carry-on? My favorite sweater that I measured has negative ease. Come to think of it, I haven't tried it on lately. That sweater is an inch shy of this squirrel size small measurement. But it's not color work. Hmmm. Pondering. 
Perhaps I'm too indecisive to knit?
The difference between small and medium is 4".

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