Friday, April 09, 2010

City of Bones
Just finished reading the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. There is a part of the storyline that is near the end of the first book that has the potential to turn off the readers, my high school-aged son refers to that part as being "redneck." However it is presented in a manner that plants a tiny seed of doubt and therefore encourages further exploration to disprove the concept!

Each book in the series feeds off the one before and I had a difficult time putting down the last book about midway through. Three books have been released to date with the promise of more to come, even a prequel is scheduled.

Now I have read J.R. Ward's series - black dagger brotherhood - and this is NOT spicy as such, City of Bones can be found in the YOUNG ADULT section of the library! It is a definite STEP UP from the TWILIGHT series in the romantic department. In the fantasy aspect, it is similar to the Harry Potter series - but I found it to be even a bit more entertaining with lovely tidbits of sarcastic humor weaved into the story.

If you have had serious overload with this newfound embracing of the whole vampire world and think that you could not possibly stomach even ONE more book on them- well, let me just say -- this book is about a whole different kind of "animal"... Sure there is a vampire in the mix, but the storyline is not centered upon that "theme". However, if the Harry Potter magic thing wigged you a teensy bit, then take heed and be forewarned that this goes beyond that fluffy good natured: ACCIO WAND and full-out into pentagrams, runes, and tarot cards. (to be read in the tone of "lions, and tigers, and bears...oh my! hee hee.) In addition to all of that, there are even biblical quotes weaved within the storyline and as a matter of fact, the main characters do converse about a belief in God.

FYI: I did borrow the audio book from my library and I was disappointed. I couldn't even get through the first chapter! If you are a reading knitter than I suggest the hardcovers - they are much more compliant to stay propped open! As a matter of fact, I was able to crank out a plain vanilla sock during my reading of this series --now that is multi-tasking, right?

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