Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Phew~ I finished and have managed to keep secret from the youngest of my tribe-- a very colorful stocking. Kinda has a "coat of many colors" look to it! It's rather bright on the top with caron simply soft brites that I had in my stash.... and then more subdued.... with a nice combo of the navy blue and maroon that happens to be her school uniform colors! Yeah, how memorable. Might I add that the top ribbing, heel, and toe are done in her FAVORITE COLOR: ORANGE! Basically it is UNMISTAKEaBLY handknit! Kinda sorta cuz you would NEVER expect to see such an obnoxious onslaught on the eyes in a store! But it was a gift from the heart.... and she is my most sentimental child, therefore she will more than appreciate my valient effort. She once told me that she loves me because I try so hard to do nice things for others! Awwwww... Thanks!

Got my second pair of Bella's mittens completed and now I am torn. The jIffy yarn is GREAT! No lie! You would have guessed that I would be all complaining about a discount store yarn... NOT! Not this time, at least! acrylic yada-yada.. But you know what? It made for such a durable, cozy mitten! Soft and thick! Fabulous! I MIGHT even venture to make yet another pair. I guess I can hoard them? heeee..... Well, I am a process knitter afterall! What else can I do with them? It takes about two days for me to complete a pair! BUT I have to focus on the task at hand... cant be listening to audio books or talking on the phone!

Middle son of the tribe requested a new pair of fingerless gloves to be constructed for his hefty sized hands which happen to be adorned with mega-sized digits! Yep. The Urban Necessities pattern is the one that I decided to whip up. The good thing about this pattern is that it increases AFTER the thumb gusset to accomodate larger fingers! Way to go! Got one already off the needles.... and I opted for WOOL EASE cuz this was leftover in my stashy stash. It's ok. Nothing to balk at, considering that this pair is a replacement pair for one that is MIA! So, uh, no real big coin spending going to go on over here. Not for a pair that might be LOST! That's just the way it goes! The second one needs to get cranked out; however with the Christmas scene quickly approaching, this project will need to take a back seat for a bit. It will probably be my saving grace for a day of the tribe's school vacation!

Tried to do the wallaby thing again... a re run for a friend's awesome child.. and after I completed the ribbing AND knitting in the front and back for the pocket, I realized that I did NOT do the increase! grrrrr... so I tried to make this mistake worth my while by gaining some practice in the insert needle in completed work gig.. and this time... I flopped out in my stinking task! Oh well...frog city! Maybe this will be yet another vacation sanity project to undertake? Vanna's choice was the yarn that I purchased for this gem. I lovingly renamed the color choice --spiderman blue!-- heeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Well.. thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas ---

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