Thursday, December 04, 2008

Knuck-a-licious done!
Finished "my pair" of knucks... with that fabulous yarn that seems to be a little on the slippery side? I dont know how else to explain it... sorta kinda sheen? But it makes for a bear to weave in the ends and actually have them stay put! NOT HAPPENING in this pair of lovely self-made-practically-FRINGING gloves! What the heck? At least I can be thankful that these were NOT intended for anyone else besides my daring hands. So, if I have to keep tucking in some pesty ends, then so be it!

I thought I was getting SMART with the pattern, as I did each finger... I used the leftover hanging tail and doubled it with the knitting in of the first row, therefore I thought I would eliminate the need to tuck in... I even THOUGHT that I read that as a TIP in the pattern? Maybe I dreamt it? I dont know, but in my unfortunate case - this little tidbit - did NOT work out too well! That's the way it goes!

Now I have to get to making yet another snowboarder cable hat.... for my oldest ds. This one shall be in wool... the LAMB'S PRIDE yarn that I am sooooo in love with - at the moment. It's just a matter of hunkering down and starting it up. It's kinda similiar to second sockitis, but with this hat! Cuz this is the second one. My initial sampler of the pattern, in a lovely dark green hue- lays unworn and unloved.. hee heee... NO braids were put on the flaps yet, as it has NOT really been claimed by anyone in particular. It resides in my cedar hope chest! Such is the way for a process knitter.

That hooded scarf thing... did NOT get rave reviews from my tribe --- I tossed it in the trash.-----BEFORE I get hate mail from the FROGGER SOCIETY.... the yarn was annoying and I shall NeVER want to re-use it.... It was WASHABLE WOOL.. some inexpensive discount store bought yarn, that was not even joined together properly... everyone once and a while I would encounter a frayed type join that was lousy and bothersome.... So.......... it gave me GREAT JOY to chuck it~!

BUT I did LEARN from that pattern, so I dont think it was a total loss. Plus it was a great opportunity to practice up some short rows. It's just that as I was trucking along on the thing, I started to get a strange feeling to grab a basket of goodies and go visit my grandma in the woods. The only problem was that the color scheme of purple didn't actually coincide with my strange inkling for it to be RED.... as in RED RIDING HOOD. Yep that's what this thing prompted me to think of...... and of course, along with the red riding hood theme comes the little problem of me runnin into a furry JACOB-like creature in the woods.... hmmmm... that wouldn't really be too bad.... Hee heee...( my apologies -if you have not ventured into the twilight series.... cuz then you have NO CLUE as to what I am making reference to!) Sorry!

Anyhow... that's that. Keep stitchin away!

Oh! WAIT~~~ almost forgot ~~ got my hands on yet one more wool sweater...XL mens... and I am trying my darndest to reclaim that wool... I just dont know how I got so lucky on two separate occasions, yet each attempt that followed has failed. So, keep your fingers, needles, whatever, -- crossed. ok?

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