Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, I admit it.... after having sooo many children in tow--- my brain is not always working at 100%.... I have been the brunt of some "blonde" moment jokes.... etc... BUT can anyone tell me the answer to this ridiculous question? How can a child be suspended from school for nine days.... return on the 10th day to school--just in time for the presentation of the awards ceremony... AND be the recipient of THE PERFECT ATTENDANCE award? How does that work? 'oh welcome back, here's your award?' Kind of messed up! I dont get it!! It's laughable and pathetic at the same time! Yet my ds defends his title with dignity as he says that the suspension is an EXCUSED absence???? What is the deal with that? An excused absence... uh, nine of them in a row... would certainly constitute an ABSENCE from ATTENDING the SCHOOL... therefore it is uh, NOT A PERFECT RECORD OF ATTENDING!!!! GEESH! What a joke!

So...... hats off to the child for being suspended... now give him a trophy? ahahhaha!

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