Friday, August 04, 2006

Painted doily
Well I just had to try this technique because the pictures looked sooo cool online...and I found it to be rather nervewracking to complete. I did get it done in one day (notice how tiny the pattern is!!); however the thread does tend to get all twisted up and on the off-chance that you find a mistake in the previous row...(right after a handy dandy color change)...then the thought of frogging and going through that process again can be revolting! There is a small error in mine and I was NOT about to be frogging this thing! I still didn't weave in my ends and I am not quite sure what I will do with it! I seldom keep anything that I make, aside from a few dishcloths!
If I stayed away from the same hue, it might have come out more maybe a purple, pink, and white? But at least I got that technique out of my system for now! I can leave it be and move on to the next project....Not quite sure what to make next! I have been cranking out the items lately!
Thanks to the cooler weather (well at least it wasnt near 100 degrees!!), our foster pup got her two walks today! I just have to keep reminding myself to walk more toward the right which would ultimately cause the pup to be aligned in the center of the sidewalk. When it is real hot, it is very tempting to allow her to walk along the grass; however this will hinder her "official training" at a later date. As a matter of fact, we are expected to teach these dogs to eliminate mainly on the pavement as opposed to the grass or dirt. If they afforded too many opportunities to "get busy" on a grassy area, (where their business conveniently soaks into the ground rather than puddling up and around their paws), they will start to refuse to eliminate on the pavement! We are also reminded to touch them while they are doing their business because this will become part of their "norm".

**in re: to Goldi's comment (thanks, by the way, for reading my blog) about their business puddling up around their paws....most dogs are not comfortable to relieve themselves on the pavement because the urine does NOT soak into the pavement and the dog winds up standing in their own urine while they finish up eliminating. It is more pleasing for the dog to relieve on a grassy/dirt area, so that the urine sinks into the surroundings and they are not standing among their puddles... however the guide most learn to submit to the unnatural setting of getting busy on the sidewalk for the sake of the "graduate: (the sight-impaired person who utilizes the dog)". I believe that once the training evolves the dog actually eliminates on the street? off the curb? Not quite sure...I will be sure to ask further about this! It is a good question, and I thank you for your interest. I am a "work-in-progress" with raising these dogs and I am pleased to be learning so much from this experience... however, I will be the first to admit, that I have a LOT more learning to do. Sometimes we will be doing some training with these dogs and I will wonder...why on earth are we doing this? So I welcome any and all questions...**


goldi said...

Lovely job with the doily, I love the colors!

I was a tad confused over your statements about training the dog to go on the pavement. Just spent some time hunting around on your blog for a link to more info on this "Fidelco" thinking that might explain it better, but could find none... Why does the dog have to learn to go so their business is "puddling up and around their paws"? Or maybe I misunderstood. I do understand the part about getting them used to being touched while they go. TIA for any info/clarification you can give on that.

Andi said...

Pretty colors indeed!