Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blushing Becca wasn't a natural blonde....

while vacationing in Daytona Beach, Florida...."Blushing Becca" was spotted in none other than a palm tree...and her true brunette locks were shining through and her skin shone a rather sun-kissed look. Her hair has obviously grown to great lengths and many are speculating that she has had some sort of weave extention... Becca quickly turned her back, but our sly fairy papparazzi's managed to get in the above shot! There is no mistaking those wings (in pic below), those are Becca's.....although it is apparent that she was, no doubt in our minds, trying her best to be in disguise! NICE TRY BLUSHING BECCA....but we found you out!!!!!!! Now the question remains....Do Blondes have more fun? We'll have that scoop, once we can coax Blushing Becca down from that palm tree!!!!!!

psssst.....KristieMN at the Crochetville....THANKS so much for allowing me to test this pattern!!! As I am sure you can see, I had a BLAST!!!!! This is my first attempt at a stuffie-type crochet...and it worked up soooo fast!!! Anyone considering this pattern, but feeling intimidated...I am telling you right now...HONESTLY...if I can do it, ANYONE can do it!!!!! It is a piece of cake!!! The only thing that I think I would do to NOT stuff with old fabric softener sheets...which was my own "bright" made it difficult to work the pipe cleaners through...AND I think it added some "poundage" or "thickness" because the panties had to be made BIGGER for her, I think a soft stuffing would have been much more easy to work with! *Becca insists that it is not all the frequent stops at the Krispy Kreme that caused her to be thicker around the middle* I also added a picot stitch to the bottom of her dress (Becca insisted that she wanted it). Oh, I put a few "wisps" of long layers in the front of her hairline...Becca saw that in a magazine and, of course, had to have the latest style to go with her cool dress! But you know...the best thing about this teen? hee hee...are you ready? Ok, I have to say it...SHE HAS NO MOUTH TO TALK BACK TO ME!!! hahahahahah!!! A Dream come true!!! hee heeee!!! Ok, ok.....but then again, if you a typical teen, she doesn't hear a word I say... because she has no ears!!! hee heeee heeeee!!!!!! Boy did I have fun!!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aelita04 said...

I love ur story of Becca it is too cute and you did an awesome job of making her. Keep up the good work I also have that pattern.