Sunday, July 23, 2006

My FIRST larger-sized Doily. This was initially going to be entered into a fair, but there is a teeny flaw in the second to last row and it was NOT discovered until just-about the LAST stitch of the LAST row...So, my impatient-side said: FORGET ABOUT IT!!! The friend that I made this for will NOT care about the minor imperfection and, quite frankly, I do NOT even think she will be able to detect it. It sure was a lot of fun, in the beginning...but then it seems unnerving to be doing the same stitch over and over....2tr ch3 2tr......argh!!! I needed to be done with this one. The larger-sized sure do require a LOT of motivation and determination to finish. My friend wants to use this for her Samuri-Guy type statue. Hopefully it will blend nice with her style and NOT stick out too much. I got the pattern from that Doily for every month of the year... book 5... MARCH. Pure coincidence that the receiver's birthday is in MARCH!!

Hmmmmm....wonder how long it will take to dry? Pssssst.....doily partner of mine...I got the two almost all ready, just waiting for them to dry!!!! Can't wait to send them on their merry way!!!

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The Shrone said...

Oh my! I really feel for you finding that mistake after all was done! But the doily looks so gorgeous! Yet, it must be flawless for competition. I love the green color, too! The pattern looks familiar, too. Beautiful, even with the tiny flaw!