Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another day, another swap!! My partner received her package and was more than thrilled with the contents. Phew! I knew she would love it!

Now I am getting excited to see what I shall receive in return from my partner for this swap. I have NOT heard anything from her, so the anticipation is absolutely KILLING me!! Too fun!

I joined yet another swap. The single crochet summer swap? Fun Fun Fun! My local JoAnn's had some pretty good bargains tonight, let's just say that I am already off to a good start! This will be extra exciting! I LOVE to pour out a blessing on people!

Our children's social worker took on a different position within her company and we will be assigned to someone new. I felt terrible because she was getting all teary-eyed saying goodbye...whereas the children didn't even flinch. I have witnessed this many times throughout the years. It is not that she was not a personable, friendly worker rather these children have been through so much that a simple worker switcharoo is nothing for them. Obviously they do not "allow" themselves to form many attachments, simply stated: it is safer that way...emotionally.

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