Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ARGH!! Well, after frogging and crochet again...frogging and crochet again!!! I searched the web for feedback on this shawl...and I learned that I am NOT the only one who has difficulty with this. So, what do I do? GIVE UP?? No! I go to Joann's and buy the most difficult yarn to crochet with, The rainbow sensation exclusive to Joanns, and TRY AGAIN! This time I am using a J hook...and after all my trials, it is starting to become evident that looking at the pics is the best way to get this pattern done correctly. I am jotting notes as I try to crochet my way out of this one! What a treat! But I am thankful to have the time to devote to this shawl. I will post a pic soon.

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