Wednesday, April 12, 2006

~~BLASTED seraphina shawl~~
I have been looking for a project to dive into, besides cleaning out my basement, and I have seen this shawl online many times. The beautiful creations that people make inspired me to give it a wing. Ok.......I tried an N hook and some cotton blend yarn mixed with a Modea--I think Kiss?, got it at the dollar store and it is quite static-y and fluffy--. At any rate...that didnt work...couldnt even see where my stitches had gone. Talk about frustrating, so I frogged it. Then I stuck with the N hook and the cotton blend, but the stitches were too big. So big that they were deceiving and distracting......Did I mention that I am in the beginning stage of either a nasty cold or allergies that are flaring up? Ok, having said that and after taking Allegra (which didnt seem to help much)...I frogged the N oversized mess...after 10 rows.......and started up with the cotton blend size H hook. It is going pretty good with the exception of the fact that it is maybe just a little too tight. Next time, if I decide to go through this again, I might go for a slightly bigger hook. If those pictures were not included online, along with the directions...then I would NEVER have been able to understand! Is it me? Or is there a period of confusion? I feel like the Allegory of The Cave...and I am watching the shadows on the wall......but, hopefully soon...I will stepping into the light and begin to get into the full swing of this ---what appears to be-- beautiful shawl.
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