Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ode to the Almond Joy!!
I remember back in my youth, that the Almond Joy and Mounds candies were pretty popular choices! My dad happens to favor the nutty option. Actually that speaks much of his personality, good-natured and joyful! Not that I am saying anything against those that prefer the moundalicious goodness... no, nonsense. Heeee... Now dont read too much into this post of mine, I am just having a little fun! Speaking of post/posting.. I posted the Almond Joy bag on my etsy shop - HeyDigThatBag - It is perfect for toting around those sock dpns! I should go ahead and make another for myself... which would mean having to buy yet another BAG of snack sized Almond JOY! What a sacrifice! heee... Maybe my good-natured pop will devour the treats and save me the trouble! Wow, imagine the day that my family and extended family decide to go all-natural in our food choice? Hmmm. I will convert tofu bags? Oh wait, is that even "all-natural"? I dont know what I am typing here... no, it's not from a sugar-rush, if that is what you are thinking!!! Enjoy the weekend.... I have a Barnes and NOble Nook being sent to me, and I cant wait to create COVERS/CASES for it! hahaha!!!

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