Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Golly! I went to the yarn store today.... been kinda making a habit out of visiting yarn stores these days... But that is a different post entirely! ahahha! Hmm... maybe that is just better left untouched.

Anyhoots.... grabbed up some yarn for the wallaby...... got encore yarn --suggested by helpful worker person at Yarn Basket. (They are always sooo cheerful and eager to assist! IN a NON-intimidating way! I say that sincerely.)

Yes, so i grabbed that loverly yarny goodness..... and then I strolled on over to the large assortment of Lamb's Pride Bulky. This store certainly does KNOW how to stock a gazillion colors! Such a selection, however--- my ds had already requested BLACK... ho hum BLACK! for a GREAT hat..... SNOWBOARDER HAT THAT ROCKS by Irishgirlieknits. It is great!
~~Well, yes I am getting close to my logic behind the title of this post. Here it comes, it's a doozy:

I RAN OUT OF YARN! I was making a GREEN snowboarder hat and didnt have enough! I JUST literally ran out... hence my choice to post here, rather than scream out in horror (considering the time of night and all). I imagine that I MIGHT have had enough yarn, if I didn't already dive into the skein and use it to finish off a crochet edge to an earlier ear flap hat! Such a bummer... cuz NOW I have to figure out how to finagle a yarn shop quickie visit amongst all the other activities!

Oh well.... maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Right? It FORCES me to put down the KNITTING to focus on poor ol' Tom in the fridge and get my fantastic recipe mindset in order for the big feasty feast! Yum yum!

BTW - Somebody hollar TREADMILL!!!! Yep.... got to get more regimented in that dept!!!!!!!!!!! Are ya with me? I am going to kick it up a notch and get back into my regular scheduled exercise! But for now... I am a work in progress.... content to sit and ponder what I shall be serving to the tribe and family on thanksgiving day.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
Keep on stitchin!

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