Friday, October 31, 2008

ok - one thing I have NOT mastered is the ability to READ and KNIT! Grrr... oh how I wish I could learn to tackle both interests simultaneously! That would be grand.. so I took, (I HAD TO!), a little break.. an interim from knitting - if you will... and read with great interest: TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer. Normally I am NOT one of those fantastical type readers... Harry Potter just does NOT grab me... But, I made a promise to attend this upcoming movie, and figured.. why NOT just read through the book to see what I am getting myself in to! ? Right? Sounds logical. My feelings on this? Undecided. I am on the fence. Yes, I dont want to put my total approval on it. It is a pretty good read. I was interested in how it would end. The author was very capable of painting out good visuals.... and therefore I found it easier to absorb my mind into the book. However at one point, because of their unusual names... I did find myself a tad bit lost! Temptation to scroll back to the beginning to reread and figure out exactly who the people being referenced to was NOT strong enough... and I basically trudged along in my fog. Eventually I was able to make some sort of sense to it. Enough sense to muttle through the remainder of the books upteen pages. Overall, it didnt take me quite as long as I thought that it would to finish...

And to top of my reading extravaganza, I quickly knit up a band cuff: QUICK QUICK QUICK!!! Did I mention it was quick? In the time that it took for dh to drive dd to bus stop, wait for bus, and then return.. woo lah.. Finished product! whoa! Sportin it now... for no apparent reason. Kind of like it! Wondering if any of my tribe will have the same liking toward it! We'll see.

For now, keep stitchin!

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