Saturday, October 11, 2008

NEXT?--- stirrup socks --- DONE!

Yes, they're finished! Vanna's Choice yarn.... and the heel split is curly curly... from all that acrylicky goodness? right? Well, i did NOT do the single crochet to that area - as of yet. I wonder if that will only magnify the situation, as opposed to remedy it? What to do? I think I shall just leave it curled? who really cares? It is on the back of her ankle/heel-ish area... Does it really matter in the whole scheme of things? I tend to get obsessive over these things, I guess? That's basically my only explanation of this kind of overthinking!
Now I have to decide on another project to cast on? What to tackle next? Yes, I SHOULD have more than ONE going at a time, however--- I KNEW that IF I went ahead with a different project entirely from this stirrup sock stockinette-stitch-fest... well, quite honestly--- it might have inadvertently pushed that project into some serious hibernation-mode! I HAD to just knock it right out.... cast it on immediately upon completion of the first sock... otherwise that temptation to just flip the project aside loomed in the distance.
Bought some new BOOKS!!!:
I did visit my local yarn shop, THE YARN BASKET, the other day... and picked up two new books!!! Doggie Knits, and Shear Spirit. Also combed through the yarns that were available on the shelves... but couldn't -for the life of me- decide WHAT yarn to buy!!! I must have some sorta spatial impairment. AS I tend to look at that YARN resting there in hanks, wads, skeins etc... and quite frankly I just see: YARN! No, I dont see a visual representation of some spectacular finished project! That is why, my friends, is so handy for me. The YARN browser affords me with the opportunity to see projects that others chose to engage in - and this helps tremendously! While having an online resource is a fab concept, it doesn't quite help while perusing the aisles... shelves, baskets, etc... Need to get a notebook going? Or some kind of running tally of the projects that suit my style etc. Hmmm.. something to ponder, I suppose.

In the meantime, keep stitchin! and thanks for reading!

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