Thursday, October 09, 2008

Leg Warmers: ripped and finished!
Ok... I did go back and rip out the mistake... where I forgot to switch to the smaller needles. It reminded me tooo much of a rumba ruffle or something... So I did the switcheroo to the smaller --- well... uh, small problem.. The bind off was tooo tight with the smaller needles.. .So... I ripped out AGAIN and BOUND off in the LARGE needle! I am LoVIng the look of these, now that they are actually following the instructions in the pattern! Love it! Hopefully dd will feel the same. The ONLY thing is I wonder if they will come unravelled where I joined the yarn, because the yarn is soooo shiny---aka slippery!!! Wonder if it will creep itself undone? Who knows!
Time will tell!!

Stirrin' up some fun with STIRRUP SOCKS!
Yep, I casted on for the stirrup socks! Got some vanna's choice yarn.... yes, inexpensive stuff! Actually a very nice colorway of purples and greys.... Not too shabby. This is just a "test" to see if these are something that dd would even be interested in wearing? Not committed totally to them as of yet. Got the instepish done and the heel slit including the casting on for the leg is all set.... Working in the round, whereas the pattern really calls for a SEAM... ew, not for nothing, I don't think a seam would be too purty? right? wtg lion brand? Whatever the case, these work up rather quick, but my hands are quite sore...

What's the POINTE?
and it's time to focus on dd's POINTE shoes! Have to sew on ribbons and elastics... Listen, I want to know.... If you have to pay over a 100 for a ballet pointe shoe, then WHY cant the ribbons - elastics- gizamoes and gadgets be sewn on already? What's the deal with that?

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