Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bernat: Legwarmers.....

Cast on today... AFTER my visit to ACMoore and purchase of Bernat Satin yarn. The leg warmer free pattern ... started with extra small... did it in the round as opposed to straight deal and seaming junk! ew! Well... worked out fine doin it like that; however extra small was toooooo small for my girl. Found this out after i was into the stockinette stitch.... No biggie.. FROG FROG FROG!! and cast on again... this time in SMALL - minus one stitch - which was to account for the seam.

At any rate, got the FIRST one DONE! Did NOT go the full 20" rather -17 1/2/ - and then proceeded to tackle the garter stitch. Guess what I did? I FORGOT to switch back to the SMALLER needles for that area..... yep.... and now it gives new meaning to the patterns STRAIGHT version! geesh! There is either straight or flared version. I am HOPING that this doesn't wind up blowing the appeal for dd! I DID realize my error at the LAST row, before the bind off! BUT--- I really did NOT want to tink out friggen nine rows! no thanks! My hands are tired from all the knitting and I just wanted it to be over! Now to find time to get to the second leg warmer! THEN, MAYBE I will start another pair --- with the actual proper needle switcheroo and see how it is meant to look! heeeeeeeeee! But I am getting ahead of myself!

So, anyway.... ultimately, I adapted the leg warmer pattern... tweeked it, isnt that what knitting is all about? Isn't that the true joy of handmade? The uniqueness?

I think so! Or maybe I am just overtired!

~~Keep stitchin!

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